The off-season characteristics are obvious, and the price of spandex remains weak

According to the price monitoring of business agency, the domestic spandex market has maintained a downward trend since July. As of July 21, the average market price of 40d specification was 38000 yuan / ton, down 9.95% from the beginning of the month and 51.41% year-on-year.



At present, 77% of the spandex industry has started, and some manufacturers have reduced their production, but the supply of goods is sufficient. Downstream end customers continue to buy on demand and watch carefully.


Current mainstream price statistics of spandex market (unit: yuan / ton)


20D ., 30D., 40D

Zhejiang, 42000-48000., 37000-42000., 35000-39000

Shandong, 43000-48000., 38000-42000., 36000-39000

Fujian, 43000-48000., 38000-42000., 36000-39000

Jiangsu, 42000-48000., 37000-42000., 35000-39000

Recently, the market price of PTMEG has been weak, and some devices have fallen to 64% under the pressure of inventory. BDO on the cost side continued to decline, and the downstream spandex entered the market to depress the price. The transaction atmosphere was light. The current market quotation of PTMEG (1800 molecular weight) was 28000-30000 yuan / ton. The market focus of pure MDI is weak, and the market reference price is 21500-21800 yuan / ton. Telegraphic transfer can be carried out in barrels.


The trading atmosphere in the downstream end market is general, and the overall market is difficult to be optimistic. The current off-season characteristics are obvious, with 30-40% of the round machine industry and 60% of the warp knitting industry. Lack of confidence in the future market, and the mood of taking goods weakened.


Business analysts believe that at present, the spandex market remains weak, the supporting role of the cost side is general, the downstream terminals follow up on demand, and the market turnover is light. It is expected that the spandex market will maintain a downward trend in the short term.

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