Acrylonitrile market is mainly weak (5.13-5.26)

According to the monitoring data of business society, the acrylonitrile market was weak and fluctuated slightly this week (5.13-5.26). As of May 26, the price of acrylonitrile was 11520 yuan / ton, slightly down 0.17% from 11540 yuan / ton on May 13. The supply side of domestic acrylonitrile industry is still loose, and the market offer is slightly adjusted. As of May 26, the market offer of acrylonitrile in East China was between 11200 and 12000 yuan / ton.



Since May, the price of raw material propylene has increased first and then decreased, and the cost support has changed from strong to weak. According to the monitoring of business agency, as of May 26, the domestic propylene price was 8121 yuan / ton, down 3.48% from 8414 yuan / ton at the beginning of the month.


Since May, the downstream ABS industry has started around 90%, the acrylic fiber industry has started around 70%, and the acrylamide industry has started around 60-70%. The demand for acrylonitrile has a certain rigid need to be supported. Since May, the supply side of acrylonitrile has continued to be under pressure.


Future forecast: acrylonitrile analysts of business society believe that, on the one hand, there is still pressure on the supply side and the support of downstream demand is stable; On the other hand, the cost weakened slightly, and the price of acrylonitrile is expected to be weak and fluctuate in a narrow range in the later stage.

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