Insufficient follow-up of downstream demand, and the TDI market continues to be weak (5.7-5.13)

According to the monitoring data of business agency, the price trend of TDI in East China continued to decline this week. As of May 13, the average market price in East China was 17250 yuan / ton, down 1.71% during the week and 10.04% month on month compared with 17550 yuan / ton at the end of last week.



During the week, the TDI market was weak, and there was no news release in the market. Although the supplier had many sets of TDI device storage and maintenance plans, and the Shanghai factory reduced the negative operation, the downstream was affected by public health events, the terminal industry was depressed, there were few foreign trade export orders, and the demand purchase was limited. After the festival, the trading atmosphere in the market was still light, the enthusiasm for entering the market in the downstream was not high, the goods holders offered profits for shipment, the offer was lowered, and the trading atmosphere in the venue was still flat. As of the 13th, the quotation range of domestic goods in the distribution market in East China is about 16500-16600 yuan / ton, and the quotation range of Shanghai goods is 17000-17500 yuan / ton, mainly based on actual order negotiation. The dealer’s quotation will be lowered with the market news, and the market will be sorted out and down within the week.


The upstream toluene market was deadlocked, and the price rose first and then fell during the week. As of May 13, the domestic average price of toluene was about 7540 yuan / ton, down 0.26% from the price at the end of last week. The international crude oil fell in a wide range, the gasoline market weakened, the downstream demand was weak, coupled with logistics restrictions, the methanol quotation was reduced, and the domestic toluene Market waited and waited for consolidation and operation.


According to the analysis of TDI data division of business society, most devices in the domestic TDI market supply are in the maintenance state, and the market supply is tight, but the downstream demand continues to be weak, the on-site trading atmosphere is general, and the toluene at the raw material end has an upward trend, resulting in increased TDI cost pressure. It is expected that the short-term TDI market will shake, sort out and operate, and the future market trend will pay attention to the downstream follow-up.

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