The DMF market is stable and weak this week

According to the data monitored by the business agency, as of May 7, the average quotation price of domestic premium DMF enterprises was 12700.00 yuan / ton. The DMF price was weak this week, down 0.78% compared with the same period last week. In the short term, the DMF market was mainly stable.



As of May 7, the domestic DMF price was weak, down 0.78% compared with the same period last week. At present, the mainstream price range is 13000-13200 yuan / ton. The transaction atmosphere is fair, the negotiation atmosphere is positive, the manufacturer’s shipment is smooth, the downstream just needs procurement, and the logistics is smooth. The latest quotation of the manufacturer: 13000 yuan / ton for Aite (Shandong) new material Co., Ltd., 13000 yuan / ton for Jinan Jutai Chemical Co., Ltd., 13000 yuan / ton for Shandong Zhiying New Material Co., Ltd., 13000 yuan / ton for Jinan jinrihe Chemical Co., Ltd. and 13000 yuan / ton for Jinan Hengtong Chemical Co., Ltd.


For upstream methanol, as of May 5, the average price of domestic methanol production enterprises was 2712 yuan / ton, down 1.18% from the previous working day and up 5.96% year-on-year. On May 5, methanol futures in Zhengzhou Commodity Exchange fluctuated strongly. The main contract ma2209 closed at 2784 yuan / ton at the end of the trading day, up 75 yuan / ton or 3.46% compared with the closing of the previous trading day.


Chemical commodity index: on May 7, the chemical index was 1177 points, down 1 point from yesterday, down 15.93% from the highest point of 1400 points in the cycle (2021-10-23), and up 96.82% from the lowest point of 598 points on April 8, 2020. (Note: the period refers to the period from December 1, 2011 to now)


Business agency DMF analysts believe that: in the short term, DMF is mainly strong. (if you want to know more about the latest market trends of the industrial chain, you are welcome to pay attention to the official account of the business club, obtain commodity information and master commodity prices)

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