Ethylene oxide daily review (2022 / 1 / 18)

Yesterday, the price of ethylene oxide was lowered. The latest ex factory price in East China, North China, South China and Northeast China was 6900 yuan / ton, and the ex factory price in Central China was 7000 yuan / ton.



Upstream, on Monday, the CIF price of imported crude oil in Qingdao rose with the rise of the international crude oil futures market. The geopolitical tension between Russia and Ukraine ignited concerns about supply interruption and boosted oil prices. Despite the strength of crude oil, near the domestic Spring Festival, the ethylene market has sufficient supply, coupled with the bearish demand trend, and the market price has declined. The external price of ethylene in Northeast Asia was 925 US dollars / ton, down 25 US dollars / ton compared with the price on the previous trading day; The external price of ethylene in Southeast Asia was US $965 / ton. The quotation of Luxi Chemical and Jinshan Lianmao ethylene today was 7300 yuan / ton, which was flat compared with the previous trading day.


Downstream, after a brief rebound in the monomer market yesterday morning, the market was impacted by the news of ethylene oxide falling price, and the price returned to the bottom for consolidation. At present, most downstream factories are waiting and waiting, and there is great pressure for manufacturers to support the market.


In terms of ethylene oxide, Sri Lanka has a short stop. It is expected to restart on the 26th. The restart of Yangzi, Zhenhai and Fude units is imminent. The supply side will be in large quantities. There are loose expectations for the supply side in East China.


Temporarily stable.

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