Lithium iron phosphate continued to be stable this week

According to the data monitored by the business society, as of November 25, the average price of lithium iron phosphate, a domestic high-class power product, was 89000.00 yuan / ton. This week, the market price of lithium iron phosphate operated smoothly, the overall market negotiation focus was high, the inventory was normal, the downstream just needed to purchase, and the manufacturers actively delivered goods.


This week, the price of lithium iron phosphate operated stably, the mainstream price was 89000 yuan / ton, and the manufacturer shipped actively. At present, the supply side is normal, the focus of negotiation is stable, the downstream just needs procurement, the procurement atmosphere is general, the focus of the upstream market is high, the price rises, the lithium iron phosphate Market has certain support, and the overall market is stable and small.

The price of upstream lithium carbonate rises slightly, the center of gravity is high, the lithium carbonate market is still in the demand range, the market inventory is still good, most practitioners are in a wait-and-see state, and it is expected that the price of short-term lithium carbonate is still in a strong consolidation state.

Analysts of lithium iron phosphate in business society believe that lithium iron phosphate is expected to maintain a stable operation in the short term and the price fluctuation is limited. (to get more information about goods and to grasp the price of commodities, welcome to subscribe to the business community through the official account of the business community, the market is the opportunity).

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