Tight supply eased this week and liquid ammonia prices held steady

This week (6.7-11), domestic liquid ammonia market remained stable, market prices did not change much. Weekly liquid ammonia was up 0.38 percent, according to business agency monitoring. After a big increase in late May, liquid ammonia is now stable. This week, liquid ammonia manufacturers generally reported stability, and sporadic manufacturers rose and fell. With the resumption of some maintenance devices, the market supply increased, alleviating the market supply tension, and the liquid ammonia market also stopped rising and stabilizing.


Near the weekend, the domestic liquid ammonia market atmosphere is still good. The price of liquid ammonia in Shandong Province is stable. This week, the ammonia quantity in this region is moderate, the enterprises are shipping normally. At present, the inventory pressure is still not large. Since last weekend, the rise pace of the region is suspended, and the manufacturer’s quotation is stable, and the market price at the weekend maintains the level at the beginning of the week. The main price in the region is 4200-4300 yuan / ton. At present, the production of liquid ammonia from the plant in the region is moderate, and the price is expected to be stable in the near future..

The liquid ammonia Market in Hebei Province also remained stable, with Friday’s price not changing much compared with the beginning of the week. At present, the pressure on the stock of the source of goods in the region is general, and the quotation of the large factories throughout the week is stable. The manufacturer’s inventory pressure is still acceptable, and the mainstream price in the region is 4000-4200 yuan / ton. At present, the liquid ammonia discharged by the plant is moderate, the overall inventory pressure in the region is not large, and the price or high level is expected to stabilize in the near future.

In the future market, the current domestic liquid ammonia manufacturers’ rising rhythm is slowing down, some of which have fallen, and the upward space may not be large in the near future. However, due to the continuous strength of urea and the impact of the boost of export by the printing standard, the price of liquid ammonia will not decline in a large area in the near future, and it is expected to maintain a high range as the main.


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