June 9 NBR market stable

Trade name: NBR


Latest price (June 9): 20900 yuan / ton

Analysis points: according to the monitoring of business society, the price of NBR in China was 20900 yuan / ton on September 9, which was stable. The price of raw butadiene has rebounded sharply since June and cost side support. According to the business society, the price of butadiene as of June 9 was 8163 yuan / ton, up 9.44% from 7458 yuan / ton in early June. In addition, the downstream products industry demand is general, and the price of individual goods source is slightly firm. According to the business agency, the mainstream report of domestic Lanhua nitrile 3308 was 22000 yuan / ton on September, 21500 yuan / ton in the mainstream report of South Tintin 1052, and 18700 yuan / ton for Russia 3365 mainstream report for lg6250 in South Korea.

Post market forecast: the rising of raw materials has some support, but the demand is slightly general, and it is expected that the NBR market will be slightly shaken and consolidated in the later period.


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