Butanone prices fell sharply after soaring in May

According to the data monitoring of business society, as of May 31, the average price reference of domestic butanone market was 8800 yuan / ton, and the average price decreased 133 yuan / T, or 1.49% compared with the average value of butanone reference of 8933 yuan / ton on May 1.


Domestic butanone market in early may slightly pushed up 5.79% in the half month

In early May, on the first day after the festival, the domestic butanone market market saw a small increase. On June and July, the quotation price of butanone factory increased by 300-400 yuan / ton, and the market closing appeared to increase. Without the wait and see after the festival, the rapid rise of market market is mainly supported by the low start rate of factories in the first ten days, tight spot supply and the support from the exit. As of the 15th, the average factory price of domestic butanone market was 9466 yuan / ton, which was 5.97% higher in half month compared with the beginning of the month.

Li Kong pressure on the domestic butanone market falling back in late May

However, the demand boost in the downstream of China has not been obvious, which also brings uncertainty factors to the continued trend of domestic butanone market in late May. In late May, affected by the resumption of work in the late may stage of some factories, the supply volume in butanone will increase, some businesses start to reduce prices and deliver goods moderately. The overall market of butanone in China has declined slightly, the transaction negotiation is loose, and after the price has declined slightly, the overall trading and investment atmosphere of the whole market is still general, and the downstream wait-and-see mood is aggravating, and the butanone market gradually falls back at the end of the month, As of 31, the market price of butanone in Shandong Province is 8600-8800 yuan / ton, the market price of butanone in Jiangsu Province is stable temporarily, the ex factory price of butanone is 8800-9000 yuan / ton, the market price of butanone in South China is stable, and the ex factory price of butanone is 8800-9100 yuan / ton.

According to the business agency, the following is the reference price of butanone in some parts of China in May

product region May 1st May 31st Up and down

Butanone East China RMB 8900 / T 8800 yuan / ton – one hundred

Butanone south China RMB 9000 / T RMB 8900 / T – one hundred

Butanone North China 8800 yuan / ton 8700 yuan / ton – one hundred

Upstream, the domestic LPG market fluctuated frequently in May, and Shandong civil gas was in a trend of fluctuation and rise. According to the data of business agency, the average price of LNG civilian Shandong market was 4066.67 yuan / ton on May 1, the average price on May 31 was 4143.33 yuan / ton, and the increase in May was 1.89%, up 55.76% compared with the same period last year. Although the overall focus of Shandong civil gas market moved upward in May, the favorable and negative factors of the market in the month were staggered, and the fluctuation was frequent. After May 1 holiday, Shandong civil gas is the first upward trend, manufacturers have been increasing. The main reasons for the rise after the festival are as follows: first, the international crude oil price keeps a small upward trend after the festival, and the news side brings some favorable support to the LPG market. Second, there is a certain demand for replenishment in the downstream after the festival, and the enthusiasm for entering the market is good, and the traffic and transportation are limited during the holiday period. The factory’s delivery atmosphere has been significantly improved during the holiday period, with strong mentality and price increase as the main factor.

The risk of continued decline of butanone in June after the plant started

At the end of May and early June, the main domestic butanone factories started to drive, and the increase in supply was enough to affect the mentality of market people. The worries about the market are also increasing among the butanone carriers, and the current market price of butanone is still at a high level, so most industries have bearish expectations. In addition, the downstream demand is general, after entering June, butanone factories have more inventory pressure. Therefore, the butanone analysts of business society believe that the domestic butanone market in early June is generally weak operation, and some regions have continued to decline risk.


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