After the steep price reduction of large manufacturers, Silicone DMC future worrying

According to the monitoring data of the business community, as of April 13, the average quoted price of silicone DMC in the mainstream area of data monitoring was 28400 yuan / ton, which was reduced by 833 yuan / ton, or 2.85%, compared with the price on April 1 (29233 yuan / ton).



In mid March, the domestic market price of silicone DMC once exceeded the 30000 yuan / ton mark. Before that, the ex factory quotation of a large silicone DMC factory in Shandong rose to 30200 yuan / ton, causing an uproar in the market. However, the game between supply and demand immediately appeared at a high level. The market price of silicone DMC dropped rapidly for several days. Near the end of the month, the market decline stopped temporarily, and the price callback was around 29000 yuan / ton.


After the Qingming Festival, the factory price of silicone DMC dropped continuously, and the industry’s wait-and-see mood became increasingly strong


In April, a few days before the Qingming Festival, the overall trend of the domestic silicone DMC market did not change much, but returned after the festival. On the 6th, Shandong’s last big manufacturers reduced the ex factory price of silicone DMC by 600 yuan / ton, and the low-end quotation of silicone DMC fell to 28600 yuan / ton. Most of the other manufacturers maintained a temporary stable quotation, and some manufacturers continued to seal the market, so the market continued to be stable We are in a strong mood, and the number of new orders from manufacturers has decreased compared with the previous period.


Entering this week, on Monday (12th), Luxi Chemical, a large factory in Shandong Province, once again sharply reduced the ex factory price of silicone DMC. At present, the ex factory price of silicone DMC in this factory has dropped to 26400 yuan / ton, which is 2200 yuan / ton lower than the price after the festival. The price of other factories is still stable, and the price of individual factories is reduced by about 300 yuan / ton. At present, as of December 12, the average ex factory price of silicone DMC is around 26400-29500 yuan / ton, the average price is 28400 yuan / ton, and some high-end offers are 29800 yuan / ton.


What’s the future of silicone industry?


At present, after Dachang cliff type falls Although most of the other manufacturers did not keep up with the price drop of large manufacturers, the sharp drop in this round still severely damaged the confidence of the industry. In addition, the downstream orders have decreased recently, the overall demand has weakened, and the wait-and-see mood in the market is more intense. For the future trend of silicone DMC, the industry holds a wait-and-see attitude, worried about the future trend of silicone DMC, and the inner mentality of the industry is different. According to the analysts of silicone DMC of business news agency, there is no strength to break through the short-term silicone DMC, but most factories can still maintain stable quotation with the support of early orders. Therefore, it is expected that the market price of silicone DMC in the short term will mainly maintain stable operation.

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