China’s domestic ethanol market price declines in a narrow range

Recently, the domestic ethanol market has been in a narrow decline, and the performance of the markets in different regions is different. According to the sample data monitored by the business society, as of April 7, the price of domestic ethanol market was 6912 yuan / ton, with the price falling 4.82% on a month-on-year basis, and the price rose 32.61% year on year.


In terms of market conditions in various regions, the ethanol market in Henan and East China is weak; the ethanol market in Northeast China is stable; the ethanol market in Dongguan continues to decline; the ethanol market in Guangxi is stable; the ethanol market in Yunnan is stable.


From the aspect of raw materials, from the perspective of raw materials, corn price range fluctuates. Recently, the policy-based regulation and control efforts have been constantly upgraded. At the end of March, the state has extended the period of storage of rice for directional auction. At the beginning of April, relevant departments revised the auction and trading rules of entrusted wheat again, limiting the participation of feed and flour enterprises in the auction, and can only be used by themselves and not monopolized. From the perspective of demand, the domestic market of ethyl acetate rose. The downstream goods prepared before the downstream Festival digested the stock in the site smoothly last week, with the recent increase of raw acid significantly, the market of ethyl acetate and demand support strong, and the manufacturers adjusted the price of offer to rise successively.


The latest price trends of ethanol market in various regions:


Region, category, price

General level 6900-7000 yuan / ton in Shandong Province

Superior level in Henan Province 7180-7250 yuan / ton tax included

Anhydrous ethanol in Henan Province 7800-7950 yuan / ton tax

Hebei Province general level 7450-7500 yuan / ton

No water in coal in Hebei Province 8100-8150 yuan / ton

Corn alcohol general grade in Heilongjiang Province RMB 6650-6800 / ton tax

General alcohol in Jilin Province rmb6650 / ton tax

Shandong Province general level 6750-6800 yuan / ton

Shandong Province corn superior grade RMB 7500 / T

No water in corn in Shandong Province 7750-7800 yuan / ton

General class of South Jiangsu Province 6900 yuan / ton

North Jiangsu Province: general level: 6850 yuan / ton

General corn grade in Anhui Province is about 7150-7200 yuan / ton

General cassava grade in Anhui Province is about 6900-7000 yuan / ton

Anhydrous water in Anhui Province is about RMB 7850-7900 / ton

Guangxi area honey alcohol 7200-7300 yuan / ton

Cassava alcohol in Guangxi area 6800-7050 yuan / ton

Anhydrous ethanol in Guangxi area 7600-7700 yuan / ton

Cassava alcohol in Guangdong Province is about 7150-7200 yuan / ton

Anhydrous cassava ethanol in Guangdong Province is about 7700-7900 yuan / ton

Corn alcohol in Sichuan Province is about 7900-8100 yuan / ton with tax

Molasses alcohol in Yunnan Province is about 7050 yuan / ton

Cassava alcohol in Yunnan Province is about 6950 yuan / ton

Corn price consolidation and operation, in the short term, there is no possibility of rising downstream demand, market supply and demand imbalance. Ethanol analysts of business agencies expect that in the short term, corn ethanol is weak.

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