Supply rises, glycol price fluctuates downward (9.7-9.11)

1、 Price trend


On September 11, the average ex factory price of oil to ethylene glycol in North China was 4000 yuan / ton, an increase of 100 yuan / ton or 2.56% compared with last week, according to the business agency.


On September 10, the market price of ethylene glycol in East China was 3840 yuan / ton, down 60 yuan / ton or 1.54% compared with the same period last week.



2、 Analysis of influencing factors


As of September 10, the total ethylene glycol inventory in the main ports of East China was 1370100 tons, a decrease of 6400 tons or 0.46% compared with last Thursday, and a decrease of 29900 tons or 2.14% compared with Monday.


In terms of shipment, the average daily shipment of Zhangjiagang and Taicang remained low this week, with the average daily shipment volume of Zhangjiagang about 6800 tons and Taicang daily average shipment volume of 7000 tons.


At present, the operating rate of ethylene glycol is about 56%, which is higher than that of last week; the operating rate of polyester is about 89%, which is basically the same as last week.


In terms of units, the air separation unit of Anhui hongsifang ethylene glycol plant with an annual output of 300000 tons has been restarted. It is expected that the ethylene glycol link will be started around the 10th, and the finished product No.12 is expected to be produced. For the ethylene glycol plant with an annual output of 360000 tons, line 1 and line 2 of Xinhang energy have been restarted and are running at full capacity basically. The restart time of line 3 is expected to be postponed to the end of September.


3、 Analysis and prediction


As the “golden nine silver ten” traditional consumption season has a positive effect on the confidence of ethylene glycol market, at the same time, the import volume of ethylene glycol has also decreased, which makes manufacturers have a certain expectation of rising prices in the near future. However, with the increase of plant restart news, the newly added capacity in the later stage will gradually increase, and the supply will continue to rise. The recent low ethylene glycol shipment shows that the downstream demand is not strong. In this case, it is obviously difficult for the price of ethylene glycol to get a substantial increase.

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