The overall formic acid market remained stable this week (8.3-8.7)

According to the data of business agency, the average weekly quotation of domestic industrial grade purified water formic acid is 1716.67 yuan / ton this week. The overall formic acid market is relatively stable this week, and the dealers and manufacturers have not adjusted much.


2、 Market analysis



This week, the domestic industrial grade 85% formic acid market as a whole showed a relatively stable trend, and the price was flat compared with the same period last month. In terms of equipment: the manufacturers and distributors operate normally and the shipment is acceptable. This week, the supply of formic acid market is fair, and the enterprises have inventory. In terms of price: this week, the quoted price of enterprises is basically around 1716.67 yuan / ton, the mainstream ex factory price of formic acid for industrial water purification is about 1350-1700 yuan / ton, and the quotation of mainstream dealers is at 2750 yuan / ton. As of Friday (August 7), Zibo Pulis Chemical Co., Ltd. offered 1400 yuan / ton; Zhangzhou San’an Chemical Co., Ltd. offered 1350 yuan / ton; Hangzhou Fengchang Trading Co., Ltd. offered 2100 yuan / ton of 85% formic acid in barrels; Jintan local supply and Marketing Co., Ltd. offered 1950 yuan / T; Jinan senhong New Trade Co., Ltd. offered 2700 yuan / T.


The domestic liquid ammonia Market of formic acid upstream products was stable and slightly down. The urea market increased this week, and the price fell. The overall situation of methanol fell slightly. The domestic caustic soda market declined slightly, and the overall trend was stable. The upstream products generally support the formic acid market, while the downstream products such as leather and pesticide industries are relatively stable, and the sales situation is general. This week, there is a small decline in formic acid products.


3、 Future forecast


According to the formic acid data analyst of the business agency, the overall price of 85% industrial grade formic acid in China is relatively stable, and the current price is slightly adjusted compared with the same period last month. Recently, the inventory of dealers is fair, the upstream and downstream demand is relatively cold, and the enterprise’s shipment is not much. It is expected that the domestic industrial grade 85% formic acid market will be mainly consolidated in the short term.

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