The price of hydrogenated benzene will fluctuate and rise in July 2020

The commodity index of hydrogenated benzene on July 30 was 34.49, which was the same as yesterday, decreased by 66.19% from 102.01 (2014-01-09), and increased by 15.01% from 29.99, the lowest point on April 07, 2020. (Note: the period refers to December 1, 2013 to now).



Summary of price adjustment of pure benzene in Sinopec (North China) in July 2020 (unit: yuan / ton)


Price adjustment amount after date adjustment

July 1 3050 – 200

July 23 3100 + 50

July 27 3200 + 100

30 July 3300 + 100

In July 2020, Sinopec increased the ex factory price of pure benzene three times and lowered it once. As of the end of the month, Sinopec implemented 3300 yuan / ton of pure benzene in North China, an increase of 50 yuan / ton compared with the same period of last month.


It can be seen from the price trend chart of Shandong hydrobenzene monitored in the above figure that the hydrobenzene market has been running smoothly after a small rise in the first half of this month, and the price is rising towards the end of the month, with an overall upward trend of concussion. In the first half of the month, the slight price rise was mainly affected by the slight rebound of pure benzene market price in Shandong. At the beginning of the month, the pure benzene in Shandong experienced a wave of rebound, and then affected by the continuous rise of inventory, the market mentality was slightly poor and the price stabilized. In the same period, the downstream styrene market also slightly improved, aniline inventory pressure eased, prices rose slightly, hydrobenzene market fundamentals and downstream favorable led to market price rise, after the fundamentals were good digestion, pure benzene market price remained stable, hydrogenated benzene market was difficult to support, several continued to rise, entered the consolidation period. After that, the pure benzene market declined slightly in the middle of the year, and the price of pure benzene in Shandong area weakened under the pressure of delivery. Port inventory rose to 264000 tons. Hydrobenzene market fundamentals are under pressure. The price dropped slightly about 50 yuan / ton.


The bottom support of the pure benzene market was stronger, and the external market of pure benzene rose for four consecutive days. Although the port inventory was still high, there was some market purchase intention near the end of the month, which supported the price rise of pure benzene. Crude benzene experienced auction and price fluctuation in the middle and late ten days of the month, which supported the price rebound. The hydrobenzene market was supported by multiple fundamentals, and the price rose.


Start up of some hydrogenated benzene units in 2020


Enterprise name device status device capacity remarks

Shandong Shengyun Chemical Park 100000 tons

Shandong Derun Chemical Park 150000 tons

Shandong Jinneng Chemical Industry Park 100000 tons

Panjin Ruide parking 200000 tons, there are plans in the near future, to be determined

Shandong Huineng chemical 50% 200000 tons

Recently, there are still a lot of overhauling in hydrogenated benzene enterprises, some of which have been shut down for more than three months. The units of Tangshan Baoshun, Panjin Ruide, Jinneng and shouchuang have been shut down. The restart time is still to be determined, and the overall operating rate in East China is still low.


In the aftermarket, the business club believes that the pressure of hydrobenzene market cost remains, and the crude oil price fluctuates, which has caused a certain degree of market wait-and-see sentiment. In the future, the market still needs to focus on the changes of pure benzene inventory.

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