Sodium metabisulfite prices continue to run at the bottom (7.27-7.31)

1、 Domestic sodium pyrosulfite price trend chart



According to the monitoring of business agency, the price of domestic sodium pyrosulfite continued to keep stable at the bottom this week. The average price of industrial sodium pyrosulfite at the beginning of the week was 1383.33 yuan / ton, and that at the weekend was 1383.33 yuan / ton, with a rise and fall range of 0.


2、 Market analysis


This week, the overall performance of sodium metabisulfite market remained sluggish. The overall purchase and sales of trading entities were cautious, and the market trading volume was light. The market price range of industrial sodium pyrosulfite was 1250-1500 yuan / ton, and most of the prices were around 1400 yuan / ton. Enterprises mainly complete the orders of old customers, but the increase of new orders is limited. (the above prices all refer to the external quotation of domestic mainstream enterprises, and some unreported enterprises are not included in the scope temporarily. The prices are for reference only and have nothing to do with the final pricing of manufacturers. Please contact all manufacturers for details.).


In July, the domestic sulfur price fell by 2.55%, and the soda ash price increased by 2.63%. The raw material cost of sodium metabisulfite continued to fluctuate at a low level. The downstream demand of sodium pyrosulfite continued to be weak, and the market supply and demand were weak, which could not be alleviated in the short term. In addition, the cost of raw materials continued to be suppressed at a low level, and sodium pyrosulfite recovered and was under pressure in the short term.


3、 Future forecast


Business agency analysts believe that there is no real positive support in the short term, sodium metabisulfite demand is difficult to improve, and it is expected that the domestic sodium pyrosulfite market price will continue to move forward at the bottom.

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