DOP price keeps stable after bottoming out and rebounding

Price trend


According to the business agency data monitoring, plasticizer DOP prices hit the bottom and rebounded this week. As of July 24, the price of DOP in East China was 7166.67 yuan / ton, which rebounded from the bottom of DOP price of 7033.33 yuan / ton at the beginning of the week, up 1.90%, and remained stable compared with the same period last year.


Upstream market of industrial chain



It can be seen from the trend chart of raw material phthalic anhydride that DOP phthalic anhydride price bottomed out this week and remained stable after rebound. The cost of DOP remained stable, and the downward pressure of DOP weakened.


It can be seen from the octanol price trend chart that octanol price rose in shock this week, the pressure of DOP cost rise increased, and the driving force of DOP market rising increased.


Downstream market of industrial chain


From the PVC price trend chart can be seen, this week, PVC prices fell, plasticizer DOP downstream market fell. The plasticizer DOP decreased and the pressure increased.


Market review and future expectation


Business agency DOP data analyst Bai Jiaxin believes that in terms of raw materials, phthalic anhydride and octanol prices hit the bottom and rebound, which is beneficial to the plasticizer Market; on the downstream side, the PVC market fell, which was negative for the plasticizer DOP market. Overall, the plasticizer DOP market is mixed, and the future DOP market is expected to be stable.

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