PC market is weak, demand is difficult to boost

According to the data monitored by the business agency, today’s comprehensive market price is 13766.67 yuan / ton, and the domestic PC market is running weakly and stably with a narrow range of fluctuation. The industry is cautious and wait-and-see. The downstream demand is weak, and the purchasing enthusiasm is general. Therefore, more discussions are given priority to.


The domestic PC market is light and wait-and-see operation. Domestic PC manufacturers have strong willingness to stand up for price, and the downstream demand is difficult to boost. The number of actual transactions is limited, raw materials are weak and falling, and the cost is lack of good support. At present, the reference range of PC prices in East China is 13800-14300 yuan / ton, Luxi Chemical 13000 yuan / ton, Lihua yiweiyuan is 13500 yuan / ton, Shanghai Kesi is 14800 yuan / ton, and Lotte chemical is 12350 yuan / ton.



The upstream bisphenol A was in a downward trend, with negative atmosphere and low negotiation focus. The reference price in East China market was 9000-9300 yuan / T, and the demand was light.


On July 13, the chemical index was 664, which was the same as yesterday, decreased by 34.65% from the highest point of 1016 (2012-03-13), and increased by 11.04% from the lowest point of 598 on April 8, 2020. (Note: period refers to 2011-12-01 to now)


PC analysts of business agency think: it is expected that the PC market will maintain a weak and stable operation in the short term, and the demand will be weak and difficult to boost. (the above prices are provided by major PC manufacturers all over the country and analyzed by business PC analysts for reference only. Please contact relevant manufacturers for more price details.)


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