Methyl ether market fell broadly on Tuesday (2.3-2.7)

1、 Price trend


The market for methyl ether fell on Tuesday. On February 3, the average market price of DME was 3340 yuan / ton, and on February 7, the average market price was 3116.67 yuan / ton, with a drop of 6.69% in the week. The price was 9.4% lower than that of the same period last year.


2、 Market analysis


Product: the market price of methyl ether (Henan) fell on Tuesday, and the market transaction atmosphere was flat. As of February 7, the equipment of Yutai in Hebei, Henan lankaohuitong, Shandong Dezhou shengdeyuan, Shandong Yuhuang dimethyl ether, Shanxi Lanhua science and technology venture Co., Ltd. had been stopped for maintenance, and no quotation was made temporarily; the equipment of dimethyl ether in Xinyuan of Yima in Henan had failed, and no quotation was made temporarily. The ex factory price of Shengxin dimethyl ether in Qinyang, Henan is 3250 yuan / ton, that of Henan xinlianxin Chemical Industry Group Co., Ltd. is 3150 yuan / ton, and that of Hebei Jichun Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. is 3300 yuan / ton.


sodium persulphate

On Tuesday, the market of dimethyl ether fell significantly. At present, the operating rate of the market of dimethyl ether is at a low level. Affected by the traffic during the Spring Festival, the inventory digestion of most enterprises is slow. Under the inventory pressure of some manufacturers, the inventory is mainly digested by parking, and Hebei xinlianxin operates at a low load. The gas market is also dominated by the decline, the end-users delay the start-up, the market demand is significantly reduced, and the market mentality is negative. At present, the price of DME is relatively low.


Industry: according to the price monitoring of the business association, there are two kinds of commodities in the list of commodity prices rising and falling in the fifth week of 2020 (2.3-2.7). The top two commodities are power coal (1.47%) and petroleum coke (1.38%). There are 8 kinds of commodities falling on a month on month basis, and 1 kind of commodities falling by more than 5%, accounting for 6.3% of the number of commodities monitored in the sector; the top 3 products falling are dimethyl ether (- 6.69%), Brent crude oil (- 2.98%) and liquefied gas (- 2.23%). This week’s average was – 0.82%.


3、 Future forecast


This week, the market operating rate continued to run at a low level. Although the decrease in market supply has eased, the demand is relatively weak. At present, most of the manufacturers still have inventory pressure, but there is little room for decline. It is expected that the market will stabilize next week.

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