Aniline rose slightly this week on cost-side support (12 August-16 August)

Price Trend


Aniline showed an upward trend this week, according to a large number of data from business associations. This week, the market price of aniline in Nanjing increased by 100 yuan/ton compared with last week, up 1.69% compared with last week; the market price in Shandong increased by 200 yuan/ton compared with last week, up by 3.63%. The mainstream price in Shandong is 5700 yuan/ton, while that in Nanjing is 6000 yuan/ton.

II. Analytical Review

Raw Material: This week’s pure benzene port stocks were reduced by about 0.5 million tons compared with last week, and domestic pure benzene stocks were also declining, pure benzene without inventory pressure. In addition, the rising price of pure benzene in the United States has affected the domestic market. Cost-effective support for aniline formation.

sodium persulphate

Products: Affected by last weekend’s typhoon, some aniline plants in Shandong were shut down, and King Jinling stopped for overhaul on November 11. This week’s supply of aniline has decreased, forming a good support.

III. Future Market Expectations

Raw material: Pure benzene downstream demand is weak, but Sinopec pure benzene inventory is low, the price is strong, has certain support for the domestic market. Moreover, there is still a price gap between pure benzo and the United States. The main purpose of Korea’s export resources is still the United States. China’s import resources are still relatively small, and the supply and demand side has not been improved.

Raw material prices are still likely to rise, and the cost-side support for aniline remains. It is expected that aniline will continue to rise next week.

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